Our consultants at The Investment Counsel Company earn the Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst™ designation from the Center of Fiduciary Studies, Bridgeville, PA.


AIFA® - Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst™ designees are the few people in the country with knowledge in both a prudent investment process and assessment principles, qualifications that are becoming increasingly desired and demanded by both the industry and regulators.


AIFA® designees’ primary function is to perform, or assist in, assessments of and Investment Steward’s, Advisor’s, or Manager’s conformance to Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence using Fiduciary 360’s (fi360) ISO-like procedure of assessment. AIFA designees possess the ability and knowledge to advise clients of deficiencies in investment processes.


The AIFA® designation is awarded by the Center for Fiduciary Studies, a subsidiary of fi360. The mission of fi360 is to promote a culture of fiduciary responsibility and improve the decision making process of investment fiduciaries. To learn more about Fiduciary 360 and the AIFA® designation, please visit fi360 website http://www.fi360.com