Today’s financial challenges require creative approaches to wealth management. That’s what we deliver. Our solutions go beyond traditional investment methods. Our advice is tailored to your specific needs and goals. For 36 years our team of highly educated and experienced investment professionals has specialized in assisting clients with $5,000,000 or more in investible assets with developing customized portfolios. When beneficial, we can coordinate with your estate planning attorney, tax specialist, lenders and other strategic professionals to develop sophisticated solutions for you.1

In our first meeting together, we explore the relationship between your finances and lifestyle. We get to know you, then we use those insights to help you define your investment preferences and expectations in concrete terms. Our proprietary, time-tested process is designed to give you new levels of confidence and clarity in your spending and saving. Our holistic approach aligns our recommendations with your ultimate life goals.

Together we build your formal Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This living document will reflect: your cash flow requirements and desired rate of return;2 how we will measure your portfolio’s ongoing risk and level of satisfaction; and, how frequently you want to receive communication from us. We use your IPS to monitor your investment strategies for long-term development and viability, and make adjustments as appropriate.

After your investment goals are defined in your IPS, you can expect the following from us:

  • Dedicated attention from experienced staff who are committed to providing exceptional service to our valued clients
  • Full-time fiduciary advisors working in your best interest  
  • Institutional rates for money manager fees and custodial and borrowing costs, with the savings passed on to you
  • Individualized IPS that evolves as your life changes
  • Timely perspectives on market conditions  
  • Continuous education on the economy and financial markets, to empower you to make informed decisions
  • Quarterly meetings, at your discretion, to stay up to date on your needs
  • Clear, concise, and informed reporting on the performance of your investment portfolios


Our expertise goes far beyond standard investment advice

To discuss how we can help you achieve your life’s goals, contact ICC founder Randy Garcia at 702-871-8510 or [email protected].

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