You want more than an investment advisor. You want a partner you can trust for a lifetime. At The Investment Counsel Company, we’re your partner, your advocate, and your neighbor. We’re a Nevada firm whose client relationships extend beyond the walls of our building and into our community.

Our trusted advisors assist you with all your investment needs, whether you’re looking for personal, business or institutional wealth management. At ICC, we strive to go far beyond generic approaches and tailor our solutions meticulously to your individual goals. We provide you with ongoing education, so you can become an informed and active decision maker in the financial well-being of your family or business. Part of that education includes disclosing all costs to you.

Our high net-worth clients are serious about wealth preservation and reaching their investment goals. They don’t want a retail advisor, they want investment industry experts who first and foremost make recommendations in their best interests. ICC has specialized in managing affluent clients’ large portfolios for decades and we have worked diligently to earn the trust and confidence of those who entrust us with preserving and increasing their wealth. Our investment professionals seek every possible advantage for you, providing unbiased guidance and investment opportunities tailored to help achieve all that is important to you.

ICC clients fall into two broad categories:


You want to know how your money is working for you. We can make sure you’re informed and in charge. We start by getting to know you and your expectations. We establish the income required to meet your desired lifestyle, your philanthropic goals, your retirement vision, your plans for transferring your wealth to the next generation. We can help you create a sustainable legacy for the foreseeable future.


The Investment Counsel Company can advise your business or organization on the issues relevant to trustees and investment committees for retirement plans, foundations, and endowments.

Our breadth of experience spans numerous fields, including physicians and construction companies, and business models, such as entrepreneurs and others.

We hold our firm accountable to you by continually measuring progress towards the achievement of your long-term goals.

To put our scale to work for you, contact ICC founder Randy Garcia at 702-871-8510 or [email protected].

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