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The Investment Counsel Company Introduces New Website and Blog

December 11, 2019

The Investment Counsel Company, a Las Vegas-based independent financial advisory firm, is pleased to introduce our new corporate website.

Founded in 1987, The Investment Counsel Company (“ICC”) became the first firm in Nevada to act in a fiduciary capacity (meaning we put our clients’ interests first).  Over three decades later, we continue our leadership, and were voted the No. 1 independent advisor in Nevada (1) for five straight years by Barron’s.*

Our new website reflects ICC’s growth and provides valuable education and resources to help individuals and families achieve their financial goals.

The website includes ICC’s insightful blog, The Informed Investor.  According to Randy Garcia, ICC’s Founder and CEO, “The mission of this blog is to help level the playing field for individual investors and to help them get more out of the financial services industry.  I believe this is increasingly important during these complex financial and economic times.  Investors need to approach the financial industry with their eyes wide open.  We help them do that with commonsense advice and perspectives they may not get from other sources.”

Visit our new website here:

Visit our blog, The Informed Investor, and sign up for updates, here:



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