The Investment Counsel Company of Nevada’s (ICC) passion and commitment as Investor Advocate for its clients and its deep expertise in investment management results in prudent, practical, and unbiased solutions for high net-worth families and individuals.


ICC applies a service model normally only available to large, institutional investors to its family and individual clients, who are not satisfied with receiving an “average” or “retail” level of service.


This approach allows you to focus on a procedurally prudent process to address and implement each step in your investment plan. Investment policy development, strategic investment planning, money manager due diligence search, and ongoing account supervision are structured to provide information and education in order to facilitate informed client decisions and effective results.


ICC conducts a thorough interview process to develop a clear view of your situation in relation to achieving your financial goals. This process provides responses to such questions as:

  • How certain are you that you will be able to carry on the lifestyle you desire in retirement, and to what extent will your available investment assets contribute to funding that retirement lifestyle?
  • How important is it to you to have in place a comprehensive investment plan that is monitored regularly in order to ensure longer term uncompromised outcomes?
  • How will changes in your family, lifestyle, and career or business alter your financial future?