At The Investment Counsel Company you can expect and receive:

  • Objective advice from an investment consultant who represents your interests
  • High level of personal attention from the investment process to regular performance reviews through delivery of continuous client service
  • Consistent positive experience at every encounter with our firm
  • Insightful education on the economy and markets
  • Commitment to uncompromised ethical standards adhering to fundamental principles of fairness, honesty, and transparency



Every member of our firm, individually and collectively, plays an integral role in fulfilling our responsibility of serving your interests by:

  • Providing effective guidance and leadership in navigating through the range of investor choices
  • Offering a perspective from the viewpoint of an investor advocate
  • Exercising independent judgment in order to determine client opportunities without compromise

The foundation for building trust is based on our ability to consistently adhere to superior ethical and professional standards, without compromise, in our work and relationships; communicate clearly and forthrightly; and fully hold ourselves accountable for performance on our commitments by aligning our words and actions. We are fair and respectful in our interactions and conscientiously steward the resources entrusted to us.


Passion for Excellence


We believe that the best advisors should continually challenge the financial industry’s current thinking in order to gain their clients every advantage possible. We believe that it is the responsibility of the best investment advisors to increase their knowledge on behalf of their clients at a rate faster than the industry standard. We believe that passion for excellence can be demonstrated by proactive, not reactive, management of investor challenges and opportunities.


We are innovative – constantly searching for new ideas that improve the level of effectiveness in serving our clients, employees and community. We strive to deliver high quality content and strategies, through continually refining our processes. The outcome of our work and decisions is gained from independent thought, experience, and by promoting teamwork and diversity of ideas to leverage knowledge and skills to continually improve our clients’ results.




Accountability means that every client is entitled to a highly positive experience resulting from a standard that far exceeds the industry norm. We acknowledge and assume responsibility for providing our clients with consistent, superior investment services. All of us at ICC strive toward the common goal of exceeding our clients’ financial objectives and we embrace the obligation to report, explain, and to be held accountable for the results of our actions and decisions.


Positive Impact


Positive impact is making a difference in measureable terms that provides meaningful value. Our goal is to empower clients with the knowledge and benefit of prudent investment practices. We use a collaborative approach with clients by listening in order to gain a thorough understanding of your nature and then developing tailored solutions to fulfill your financial goals.


As investor advocates, we sit on the clients’ side of the table and are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of each and every client. Every day, we strive to deliver on our promise to provide consistent, superior investment services that enhance the quality of life for our clients. This desire to make a positive impact extends beyond our clients to our team members, their families, and our community as well.