Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Randy Garcia, generously gives back to the community in many ways. He currently serves the community in the following capacities: UNLV Foundation Board of Trustees, Chair of the UNLV Foundation’s Investment Committee, Board Director and Education Committee member of the Council for a Better Nevada, Board Director for The Smith Center for the Performing Arts and Board Member of the Las Vegas Area Council of the Boy Scouts. He serves as an Honorary Commander for the Nellis Support Team, supporting our servicemen and women at Nellis Air Force Base. He formerly served as Chairman of the Nevada State Taxicab Authority (Governor Appointee), on the Spending and Government Efficiency Commission, also as Governor Appointee, and on the 2016 Presidential Debate Steering Committee.

In 2016 Randy Garcia was awarded the Golden Hands Award by the Cultural Diversity Foundation for his dedication and actions which have facilitated significant positive changes in southern Nevada. In 2016 he was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement in Philanthropy Award by the Latin Chamber of Commerce. In 2015 he was honored to be the recipient of the Catholic Charities Heart of Hope Award for his generous support of their work for decades. He is a dedicated supporter of the many vital programs that Catholic Charities runs for refugees, the homeless, the food bank, meals for senior citizens and underserved Nevadans. Mr. Garcia was honored by the Latin Chamber of Commerce as 2007 Hispanic of the Year for his philanthropic efforts; in 2009 he was honored with the Nevada State College President’s Award for his contributions to improving education; in 2016 he received the Golden Hand Service Award from the Cultural Diversity Foundation; and in 2017 he received the Latin Chamber of Commerce Hispanic of the Year Lifetime Achievement for Philanthropy Award.

The Investment Counsel Company has committed to funding a full four-year scholarship for a student in the inaugural class of the newly created University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine. The firm also sponsors a series of seminars featuring industry leaders for the UNLV Lee Business School Finance Department.

Mr. Garcia and his wife of thirty years, Staci, have two sons and a daughter. As proud residents of Las Vegas, they generously give back to the community through numerous philanthropic endeavors. In addition to his participation on many boards, Garcia initiated and, for more than a decade, underwrote the Latin Chamber of Commerce Annual Career Day. He has sponsored supplemental enrichment programs in the Clark County School District. Mr. Garcia and his family focus on supporting the community in ways which enhance the lives of at-risk youth, with the goal of fostering positive, systemic change in Southern Nevada.

A summary of the myriad capacities in which Mr. Garcia serves the southern Nevada community are listed below:

  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Foundation Board of Trustees, also serving on the Executive Committee and as Chair of the Investment Committee
  • Board and Educational Committee Member of the Council for a Better Nevada
  • Board Director for the Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada
  • Board Director for The Smith Center for the Performing Arts
  • Executive Committee Member of the Las Vegas Council of the Boy Scouts of America
  • Board Director for the Latin Chamber of Commerce Foundation
  • Member of the Nellis Air Force Base Support Team and Honorary Commander of the Nevada Test and Training Range
  • Member of the 2016 Presidential Debate Steering Committee
  • 2005 Friend of Education Award, Latin Chamber of Commerce
  • 2007 Hispanic of the Year Award, Latin Chamber of Commerce
  • 2009 President’s Award, Nevada State College
  • 2012 Las Vegas Latino Leader recognition
  • 2013 Honoree of the Distinguished Women and Men in Nevada
  • 2015 Heart of Hope Award from Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada
  • 2016 Golden Hand Service Award from the Cultural Diversity Foundation
  • 2017 Latin Chamber of Commerce Hispanic of the Year Lifetime Achievement for Philanthropy Award
  • Former Governor Appointee: Chairman of the Nevada State Taxicab Authority
  • Former Governor Appointee to the Spending and Government Efficiency Commission (SAGE)
  • Former board member of the Nevada Community Foundation, Nevada Development Authority, Nevada State College Foundation Board of Trustees, and Las Vegas Southwest Rotary, Member of Nevada System of Higher Education Inclusive Excellence Advisory Board

Alumnus and donor Randy Garcia, left, and medical student Arturo Montes.


This is part of the In UNLV We Trust series. These stories explore the reasons donors give to UNLV and the direct impact they have on the beneficiaries of their gifts.


When Arturo Montes was a child, his family moved to Las Vegas from East L.A. to find jobs. “We were as poor as you can get in America before we moved here,” he says. “We really had no food.”


In Las Vegas, his parents got service industry jobs — in fact, his dad got two and worked 80 hours per week and his mother worked full time.


“I thought my parents were superheroes,” he says. But when he was 18, his mom had a heart attack. “It was devastating,” Montes says. “I went to the hospital and she was flat-lining.”


He watched as the ER team went to work on her and the cardiologist “brought her back to life.”


“Right then, I thought, 'I want to be a doctor.' It was amazing. I wanted to help people.”


Montes started community college while working as a porter at the Riviera. Two years in, he transferred to UNLV.


“At UNLV, you become a part of a community; you meet people and you stay with them. I was loving school.” He’d been a football player in high school, a volunteer youth flag-football coach at his community center, and he joined the men’s rugby team at UNLV. “Sports have always played a central part in my life. I learned so much from sports that applies to the rest of life — accountability, working hard, and how to bounce back from a hard loss.”


Montes graduated with dual majors in kinesiology and biology and began applying to medical schools. Although he applied widely, the new UNLV School of Medicine was his first choice.


“I love this city more than I can put into words,” he says. “I want to give back to this community, and I want to help the most vulnerable people.”


It seemed like fate, then, that Montes received a full scholarship to UNLV School of Medicine paid for by longtime Las Vegan and community leader Randy Garcia, ’77 BSBA, who shares that pride in Las Vegas.


“I try to help at-risk youth dream bigger than they probably believe they can,” Garcia, founder of The Investment Counsel Company of Nevada, said. “I grew up in the old part of Las Vegas, and it was a little dicey. I think mentoring young people to rise beyond their circumstances is what puts the biggest smile on my face.”


Not long after Montes and Garcia met, Montes invited his new benefactor and mentor to a celebration at his parents’ home – complete with mariachis, all of his local relatives, and even his grandmother who came in from Guadalajara.


“It was very moving,” Garcia says. “When Arturo’s mother hugged me, I almost cried. She would not let go. She was so happy that Arturo was going to medical school.”


Montes says, “I thank him not only for the scholarship, but for his mentorship…


“We share the dream of making Las Vegas an even better place.”


As reported by John Przbys in the Las Vegas Review Journal on January 30, 2018


Smith Center board member channels love of philanthropy, music



Randy Garcia, local philanthropist and investment counselor, at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts on Thursday, January 25, 2018, in Las Vegas. Benjamin Hager Las Vegas Review-Journal @benjaminhphoto


Randy Garcia loves music.


So much so that he’s been taking piano lessons — currently via Skype with a professor from Yale — for 40 years. So much so that he considers as a special talent his knowledge not just of classical music (his favorite genre) but just about any genre of music from the ’40s to the ’70s. So much so that he’s a member of the board of directors of The Smith Center for the Performing Arts.


OK, maybe that last one isn’t all that unusual, because Garcia’s philanthropic efforts encompass many organizations around Southern Nevada, many of which have as a focus helping and inspiring at-risk youth.


Garcia, 63, has lived in Las Vegas since age 3, after a bout of double pneumonia a year earlier elicited a doctor’s advice to the family to move to a more atmospherically agreeable climate. He’s a graduate of Bishop Gorman High School and UNLV, and founder and CEO of the Investment Counsel Company of Nevada.


Garcia’s many honors include being named UNLV’s Lee Business School alumnus of the year. He’s a member of the UNLV Foundation board of trustees and served on the 2016 Presidential Debate Steering Committee, and his philanthropic activities include, most recently, funding a four-year, $100,000 student scholarship at the UNLV School of Medicine.


Garcia is a former member of the Latin Chamber of Commerce Foundation — and still provides scholarships through the foundation — and was honored in 2007 and 2017 by the chamber for his philanthropic work. For Garcia’s work ethic, credit his father, who regularly held down two or three jobs while Garcia was growing up.


“He always worked, for the most part, two full-time jobs all his adult life and he worked three at the holidays because he wanted his family to have the best Christmas they could,” Garcia says. “And he’d still make time for us.” Garcia and his wife, Staci, have three children, ages 22 through 27.


Review-Journal: Why do you devote so much of your time and effort to charitable efforts?

Garcia: (Laughs) I ask myself that very question. But I guess the common thread among all of my involvement in this community, going back many decades, is that I’ve always wanted to help others and give others the opportunity to improve their life, their families and things around them. When I look at the Smith Center, for instance, I didn’t want to just write a check when I was asked. I wanted to make sure there was something specific to help kids in school, that they would be able to have an opportunity to share and participate in an experience. That’s a great gift.


What criteria do you use in deciding where to direct your time and effort?

It’s those areas that have been overlooked and/or needs that most greatly exceed the help they’re getting in the community. So where I’m needed most, so to speak, where I can make the biggest impact.


That seems to mesh well with your interest the Smith Center’s educational outreach programs.

I was just at a board meeting a few days ago and I counted 18 buses of kids from the Clark County School District, allowing them that experience of seeing what the Smith Center has to offer. That’s what the Smith Center does on a daily basis. It allows kids to want to reach and strive and try to be something greater than they currently have in mind.


What led you into a career in finance?

I was very, very fortunate to find my way into accounting because of a particular teacher, a professor. He took an interest in all of us. He wasn’t just there to teach, he was there to help us be successful. He went above and beyond. That’s why I majored in accounting, and along the way he taught a B student how to be an A student. That was the gift he gave me, and I ended up getting a 4.0 several years and ended up getting scholarships.


How do you envision your responsibilities as a Smith Center board member?

As a board member, I serve as an ambassador to help others better understand the value of the Smith Center to our community. … I like to think what my hidden talent perhaps would be is striving to identify the right questions to ask when it’s outside my range of competency and having the answer when that issue falls within my range of competency.